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Performance physical therapy for active adults and athletes to get out of pain and amplify your movement, sport, and life

One-on-one physical therapy that puts you and your goals at the center of your treatment

It's frustrating giving up what you love to do because of pain. With Performance Physical Therapy at AmplifyPTP, we give you clarity of the root cause of pain and get you back to being active and crushing your goals

Jennifer Y.

"After suffering with pain for months I finally reached out to Amplify for help. I know my body very well, so I needed someone who would truly listen to me and take their time. I didn't go to the appointment expecting instant relief, I know PT can take time. However to my surprise, after 1 session I had tremendous relief! I was able to do things I hadn't been able to do for months..."

Our Process

Ease The Ache

The first step is to reduce your pain, so we can work towards designing a plan for your goals

Address the Root Cause

Step two is digging deeper for the underlying issues in your movement and building a better baseline

Amplify Your Movement

Build resilience in step three and beyond so you can amplify your movement, sport, and life

Our Philosophy

We strive to do more than just help you return to the sports or activities you enjoy. Our goal is to enhance your performance beyond pre-injury levels by employing a comprehensive approach.

Our approach takes into account not just the physical aspects of your injury, but also the mental and emotional factors that contribute to your overall wellbeing. You are at the center of your own physical health.

Our mission is to help you amplify your movement, sport, and life.

 Kettlebell Fitness Class

Get started today

Are you tired of the "rest, get injections, or take pills" approach? Have you seen multiple health care providers, received little attention, and still have pain?

It's time to reclaim your physical health and amplify your performance.


(Located inside Attain Wellness)

757-759 Central Ave

Westfield, NJ 07090


(908) 728-6887

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