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We help weight lifters, runners, and fitness enthusiasts decrease pain and get back to living active lifestyles on your own terms

When you get an injury or sidelined from the activities you love to do, you get frustrated and sometimes even lose a sense of your identity. Your daily schedule gets shifted, your social connections break, your mood changes, and you start to lose the body you built. That's where Performance Physical Therapy at Amplify can help.

At Amplify, we help the active population and athletes in Westfield, NJ and surrounding communities move pain-free and live out their active lifestyles. We not only care about your injury, but we care about you. Our process is simple. First, book your free phone consultation to determine your personalized game plan for your rehab and training program. 

With Performance Physical Therapy at Amplify, you'll get a clear plan of what you should or should not be doing, customized updated weekly exercises delivered to you via our mobile app, and 24/7 access to your clinician. We're not your typical physical therapy experience, we're both your clinician and coach.

Neck treatment
Weightlifting exercises
Stretching Fitness

1-on-1 Physical Therapy

Patient-centered Treatment

Return to Sport

Rehab meets Strength & Conditioning

Private Personal Training

Set Goals, Amplify Results

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