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Get out of pain. Amplify your movement.

Meet Your Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dr. LeeAnn Potochney physical therapist Westfield NJ 07090
Certified strength and conditioning specialist
Manual therapy and sports physical therapy
Z-Health Performance Solutions sports performance and functional neurology
Carrick Institute sports performance and functional neurology
Precision Nutrition certified in nutrition
dry needling certified orthopedic physical therapy Westfield, NJ

Dr. LeeAnn Potochney graduated from Rutgers University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Prior to completing her DPT, she earned her master's degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education from Montclair State University and her undergraduate degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

With over 14 years of experience as a strength coach, she has worked with a wide variety of youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as adults and military. As a life-long athlete, LeeAnn is passionate about movement. She loves to learn and takes a variety of advanced courses so she can better empower her patients to prioritize their health, optimize their movement, and amplify their quality of life.

LeeAnn’s own fitness training consists of strength and conditioning, running, hiking, and yoga. Outside of work and exercise, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, live music, and spending time with her family.

LeeAnn has earned certifications in:

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Certified Neuromusculoskeletal Manual Therapy (CNMT)

Institute of Orthopedic & Sports Manual Therapy


Z-Health® Performance Solutions:

  • Movement Reeducation Specialist (R-Phase)

  • Movement Integration Specialist (I-Phase)

  • Movement Performance Specialist (S-Phase)

  • Exercise Therapy Specialist (T-Phase)

  • 9S Structure

  • 9S Skill & Style

Carrick Institute Human Performance Program:

  • Strength, Power, and Neuro-Biomechanics

  • Cardiovascular Enhancement and Neuro-Integration

  • Metabolism & Neuro-Nutritional Strategies

  • Neuro-Modulation of Human Performance

Precision Nutrition PN Level 1 Certified


Certification in Dry Needling (Cert. DN)

American Academy of Manipulative Therapy

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