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Rehab meets Strength & Conditioning

You want to be active and continue your training, but you get frustrated by pain and injuries that pop up during your training. You want to push yourself more, but an injury keeps showing itself and affects your performance. Whether your goal is to get to the finish line stronger or hit a PR in weight lifting or a new weight class, your strength and conditioning program should advance beyond your rehab and get you back to improving your performance.


Spend less time away from the gym or your training.


As athletes ourselves, we understand firsthand this frustration of pain and injuries, and we are committed to getting you back to your peak performance.

At Amplify Physical Therapy & Performance, we will help you move from your rehab to strength and conditioning so you can get back to reaching your goals.

Let us help you amplify your movement, sport, and life.

Improve your mobility and flexibility

Increase your strength

Rehab muscle, tendon, joint, or ligament injuries

Ease aches and pains

Improve your movement patterns

Enhance your movement efficiency

Amplify your speed and force production

Optimize your sports performance

Build resilience 

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